Hi, friends! Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you found yourself here. My name is Claire and I am a fashion major at the University of Arkansas. I love living in Fayetteville, it’s so special to me. I work at the Clinique counter at our bookstore so I’m sure you could collect that I love all things style, fashion, and beauty. I love trying new things and sharing my experiences with others to help them! I love helping people.

You should know a little about me… I am living the dream here in Fayetteville and I will be living my dream my entire life. I trust I am always right where the Lord wants me. I hope to become a fashion designer and move to Portland to plant a church. I have a passion to help women out of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. I know what you’re thinking, how does all of that correlate? I’m wondering the same thing. We will find out. 

I named my blog “The Little Things” because the Lord created me to appreciate and to use the little things in life for a big purpose. The little things in life are really big things.

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